Among puppets and puppet theatres

An interesting itinerary into the heart of the historic city center of Palermo to know the history of the Sicilian theater in its various art forms from the Opera dei Pupi, declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the wonderful stucco decorations called "teatrini" made by the famous artist of the eighteenth century Giacomo Serpotta that decorated some amazing oratories in Palermo. An itinerary among art, culture and folklore that has as its central theme the theater. 


Stories and mysteries of the Holy Inquisition in Palermo



A fascinating itinerary to discover the most significant places that have been set of  the Holy Inquisition in Palermo. The tour will be done on foot  along the city center and it will be full of anecdotes and legends associated with men and women accused of witchcraft and heresy burned at the stake for heresy by cruel Spanish inquisitors. We will visit interesting monuments especially the Chiaramonte Palace, which housed the Holy Court during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the Museum of the Holy Inquisition where along the walls of the cells you will see the drawings made by prisonersunjustly imprisoned and tortured: graffiti, poems and sonnets full of suffering and despair.


The mysteries of Palermo


An exciting walking tour to learn more about some of the most fascinating and mysterious places.
of the historic city center of Palermo, related to historical events still shrouded in mystery... Let us to guide you through an unusual walking tour full of anecdotes, curiosities and legends!!!


St. Rosalia: the Holy Hermit


In Sicily each town has a Patron Saint to whom the faithfuls are turned, especially in the most difficult moments of their lives. In Palermo, the popular devotion is turned to St. Rosalia, the Patron Saint of the city since 1624. The devotional itinerary crosses some places connected with the Saint's life and it lets you to admire the most valuable iconographic representations made over the centuries by important artists.


Street food tour Palermo


Do you want to live a 100% Siciilian Experience? You can't miss our street food tour , a walking tour through the historical markets of Palermo between takeaways, fast food, street vendors to learn about the history and curiosities related to the street food of Palermo, which is in fifth place in the "top ten cities for street food" ranking published by  A walking tour where sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing are involved.
This tour had been designed to offer tourists the chance to live an unforgettable experience


Palermo: a city for greedy people


A walking tour for greedy people! The sweets are expression of the multiculturalism of Palermo and of the various dominations that have occurred introducing new ingredients. Above all Arabs brought the pistachio, cinnamon and sugar revolutionizing the Sicilian pastry whose essential ingredient is creativity. But it was mainly the skilled hands of cloistered nuns in convents to create most of the palermitan desserts which are now displayed in the pastry shops. During this particular walking tour in the city center you will admire magnificent churches and monasteries and you will taste delicious desserts, triumph of colors and flavors! At the end of the walking tour if you want you can have lunch in a tavern where is possible to taste traditional Sicilian dishes.


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