Palermo Green


Palermo is known primarily for its architectural beauties but it is also rich in historical gardens and villas. Come with us to discover this important natural heritage; during the walking tour you will see the Garibaldi Garden opened in 1864 with the tallest Ficus macrophylla tree in Europe, the Villa Giulia famous for its numerous marble sculptures including that of the Genius of Palermo and the Botanical Garden inaugurated in 1779 which covers an area of 10 hectares and it is home to an amazing variety of Mediterranean and tropical plant species (12.00 species).


Ride and taste


The tour will starts on foot with the visit of the most important monuments of Palermo such as the Norman Palace, the Cathedral, the Church of Martorana and Pretoria Square. During the tour we will also visit the street market BallarĂ² to taste the typical street food in Palermo (three hours). The tour will continue by bike (one hours).


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