Balarm: Tour of the historic center of Palermo for cruise passengers


Lots of cruise passengers and tourists ask us a guided tour of the historic center of Palermo that includes everything in a few hours.

It is true that the historic center of a city like Palermo would take weeks to be fully known, but we have organized for you a tour that will let you discover the colors, the voices and cultures of this beautiful city.

You will be amazed with us and you will want to return to savor the soul of Palermo. With its winding alleys and its typical Arab urban structure, Palermo is a city suited to be explored on foot.

The tour will start at the port where you will meet our tourist guide. We will walk along via Emerico Amari to rich Castelnuovo Square where you will admire the magnificent Politeama Theatre. Then we will continue along via Ruggero VII, called also "the lounge of Palermo", and we will arrive in front of Massimo Theatre, the biggest Opera theatre in Italy.

We will continue along the alleys and streets of the Arab quarter until arriving at Capo Market: the most popular market where you will taste and buy local products. Within the market you will find the Church of the Immaculate Conception, whose interior encloses baroque wonders. During the tour you will be amazed by the sumptuous decoration of the Cathedral with its spires, towers and domes, by the beautiful golden mosaics of the Church of Martorana and by the picturesque red domes of the Church of San Cataldo. Finally you will be enchanted by the beautiful fountain of Pretoria Square and by the magnificent Quattro Canti.
The tour will then come to an end in Castelnuovo Square where you can do shopping in via Libertà.

Duration: 3 hours
Distance: approx.5 km

Included in the tour: guided tour of the monuments specified in the itinerary.
Not included in the tour: transport, entrance tickets.
This tour will be operated daily.

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