Private Tour Palermo Monreale


A fascinating Tour Palermo Monreale that will allow you to admire artistic masterpieces of rare beauty.
We will go to Monreale, by car or minivan, to visit the Cathedral of Monreale a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its beautiful Byzantine mosaics that cover an area of 6.000 square meters. Then we will move to Palermo to see another UNESCO World Heritage site the Norman Palace an Arab-Norman jewel embellished by the beautiful Palatine Chapel.


Balarm: Tour of the historic center of Palermo for cruise passengers


Lots of cruise passengers and tourists ask us a guided tour of the historic center of Palermo that includes everything in a few hours.

It is true that the historic center of a city like Palermo would take weeks to be fully known, but we have organized for you a tour that will let you discover the colors, the voices and cultures of this beautiful city.


The Genoard Gardens and the Capuchin Catacombs


A fascinating walking tour that will lead you to the discovery of two magnificent palaces built under the Norman King William II: the Zisa and the Cuba located inside what was once the extensive hunting ground of the Norman kings "the Genoard" (Paradise of the Earth). The itinerary also includes a visit to the Capuchin Catacombs a fascinating and mysterious place, where along the walls there are more than 1.800 mummies in perfect condition wearing clothes dated from the 1600's to the 1900's. The Catacombs also houses Rosalia Lombardo, considered the most beautiful mummy in the world; she died in 1920 at the age of two years old.


In Goethe's footsteps


An interesting walking tour that will allow tourists to know some of the places visited by the famous German poet JW Goethe in Palermo in April 1787. During the tour excerpts from his book "Italian Journey" (1829) will be read to give the tourist a taste of what Palermo was like in the late 1700's.


The revealed crypts


Itinerary to discover the most beautiful and mysterious crypts of Palermo full of hidden treasures and mysteries. Numerous churches in Palermo have crypts formerly used as burial places. Some of these crypts are richly decorated, others more simple but equally fascinating. Come with us to discover these underground treasures of inestimable value.


Baroque walking tour Palermo


A walking tour to admire the most important Baroque jewels in the historic center of Palermo. Starting from Piazza Pretoria you will visit the Church of Jesus, a triumph of colored marble, bas-reliefs, sculptures and frescoes among the most beautiful in the Europe and the impressive Church of St. Joseph. Then you will continue with the Quattro Canti, the city center adorned with statues, cherubs and scrolls of extraordinary beauty. The tour will come to an end with the visit of the Oratory of the Rosary in St.Dominic and the Oratory of the Rosary in St.Cita decorated by the extraordinary sculptor Giacomo Serpotta, who was able to interpret the Baroque style in a sublime way.


Arab - Norman Itinerary: walking tour in the historic centre of Palermo


A wonderful walking tour in the historic centre of Palermo to discover some masterpieces of Arab-Norman style. They are monuments of extraordinary beauty, expressions of happy coexistence of different cultures. This coexistence generated an original architectural style in the twelfth century where Byzantine, Islamic and Normans elements are admirably combined. You will be amazed by the beautiful golden mosaics of the church of Martorana and of the Palatine Chapel, by the picturesque red domes of the church of San Cataldo and by the sumptuous decoration of the Cathedral with its spires, towers and domes.


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